It Made Me Smile!



Yes, I know this is not necessarily a sign you see everyday (nor, a visual that you necessarily want, LOL) but, this sign is going on the wall in my sewing studio!

It made me laugh!

I have a policy around here – if it makes me laugh/smile, it comes home with me! Hence, the reason I have a frog statue dressed as a fireman, a copper garden kitty that glows green at night,  and even this…..

Miss Fluffy Bunny herself! So kitschy, she’s cute! Gotta love the sunflower for a bonnet – and yes, my mascot here is a bobble-head!

Now, in regards to the “Panties” sign, my best friend Debbie runs around telling everyone to “pull up their big-girl panties” ALL THE TIME!  So, when I saw this, it made me think of her (which made me smile), and it pretty much sums up how I’ve been feeling for the past few weeks! (In fact, I wish I would have thought of this saying on more than one occasion as a retort for some humans I’ve dealt with!)

So, when I saw this sign,  I laughed.

Then I decided that I should re-make this sign into a wall quilt for the studio. That would be cute – dontcha think?   😉  

Not sure what colors I’m going to use to do this yet, I do really like the black and white – but I’m all out of black and white polka dots….. Gonna have to think about this one for a bit!

So, have you seen any signs lately that have made you laugh???? Come on, share! Inquiring minds want to know!


Have a great day!



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