A Time For Change.

A day off from work!! Yay!!

Guess what I am going to do today?!?


No – not fabric. No – not on canvas. A ROOM!!

I know….. I am a little bit “off”. Most people (oh okay – just about everybody) would NEVER be looking forward to a room painting job. Well….I am not most people; and my circumstances are not normal.     😉    

I’ll explain a little for those of you who are new here.    🙂   

There is a particular room in my home that is normally used daily. That room is painted in darker Southwest-type colors. Both to match the decor’ and to keep it darker in there for sleeping purposes.

I have not been able to use that room since Scott died 7 weeks ago. In fact, the room depresses me terribly, and makes me want to cry every time I look at it. (As if I needed yet another reason to have a blubbering fit!)

So, in classic Psychobabble “You should/need to…” fashion, I need to repaint/redecorate it in order to make it “useable” (meaning to be able to sleep in there) again. Problem was, I couldn’t bring myself to even touch anything in there until just recently (like, this past week-type recently).

His family wanted me to go thru his things to find items that they wanted of his – and I just couldn’t do it until now. A little. The “eating an elephant/One step-at-a-time” type deal.

Heck, that has been my Mantra going thru my head several times a day since before the funeral….”Do it like eating an elephant – 1 bite at a time”. It was the only way I could avoid looking at “everything” all at once, and becoming so overwhelmed that I couldn’t even breath, or move. That way, I could just focus on one thing a day (a house repair left half done; a tire that needed changed; a room that needed cleaned; a human that needed dealt with; a funeral arrangement that needed to be made; a yard that needed mowed…..etc.) and maybe not freeze-up looking at EVERYTHING that I was suddenly “responsible” for – all at once!

So, I am rambling….. happens…. sorry.

Anyways, I decided it would be a good idea to paint that room. Something bright, and cheery (hopefully to help make me feel bright cheery). Something that was the total opposite of what it was now.

Therefore, I went out to the garage to rummage around in my paint stash (I keep every 1/4 full to almost- full leftover paint can from every project, since you never know when you might need to do a touch-up!). I found some leftover yellow paint from both when I repainted my sons’ room last summer; and from when I did the hallway the year before that! Hopefully, I will have enough…… We shall see.

So…. Today, I paint!    🙂   

Here is the “Before” picture so that you can see what I’m working with:

I’ll show you the “After” photo when I’m done.

Wish me luck!    😉   

Have a great day.



One Response to “A Time For Change.”

  1. flyinggma Says:

    Good for you Shady! I too, look forward to painting and love those home improvement shows. Can’t wait to see your after pictures. Your colors look like a bedroom I have upstairs I can’t wait to paint. My daughter chose the colors for her room. Now she has her own apartment and I’m ready for a change as well. You’ve been in my thoughts and prayers often.

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