It Is Finished!!

Glory Hallelujah!

Hey – Guess what!?!?

I got to sleep in until 6AM this morning!!! 6AM!! Woohoo!

Okay, Okay – I know. 6AM is NOT sleeping-in for most people – but for someone like me who is usually trying (see previous post to understand the “trying” part) to get ready/leave for work at that time…… it is.    🙂   

I don’t actually remember the last time I was able to go to bed by 9PM and sleep (undisturbed) until 6AM! Hmmm…. I wonder if the Furkids read yesterdays post??? In fact, I actually had to/got to wake up my “Furry Alarm Clocks” this morning.       Muahahahaha!    🙂   

It was FUN!!!!    🙂   

I needed that. I really needed that!

Today I was actually able to #1 – SEE my coffee pot, #2 – remember to put the filter in before the coffee and #3 – add the water before I turned the dadburned thing on!!

What a feeling!    😉   

Okay – enough of that, here’s the real reason for this post….

Paint Update as promised:

By the Grace of God, I had enough “KILZ” primer and yellow paint to do the whole bedroom! Here is what the finished product looks like:

I’m going to move my dark blue “accent” pieces in there to give it a “French Country” flavor. I’ve always wanted to make myself a Blue/Yellow/White French Country-type quilt (and have been gathering the fabric for it for several years), so now – I will have a excuse reason to make one.

Bright, cheerful, happy room colors! Since there is only 1 small window in this entire room……

It needed all the help it could get!

I like it!    😉   

One nightlight actually illuminates the entire room at night!! This is a VERY big deal since (before), you needed police spot lights, flood lights, noon-day sun and night-vision goggles to navigate your way to the bathroom at night! No. Really!

Furniture corners, chair legs and table edges all posess the amazing ability to become”stealthy”, move around, and become invisible to the naked eye at night! Just ask my broken toes.    😉   

Anywhooooo, I think it turned out very nice.

I did, however, choose to keep the vanity area the original “Vesuvian Red” (a.k.a. Paprika-colored) paint.


This face minus the “war paint” + Bright yellow walls behind it in mirror = Green Gargoyle Face!!!

A very scary thing that early in the morning!!!! Just ask my son! He’ll tell you!

At least with the red walls behind this face , what I see in the mirror that early in the morning doesn’t make me want to scream and run/hide!

No. Really. It’s that scary!!    😉   

So, that’s the extent of my babbling for the moment. Time to go get the boys up and get ready for church…….and face “The Gargoyle” in the mirror.

You guys have a great day!



2 Responses to “It Is Finished!!”

  1. flyinggma Says:

    Congrats on the finished product. Glad to hear you got some needed rest! Are you like me when you finish a project you have to go back and keep looking at it to admire your work? I do that with quilts, gardening and home improvement projects. Blessings!!!

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