To do, or Not to do……

I’ve spent the last 2 1/2 days in bed fighting that “lovely” flu bug. UGH!!!! So much wasted time that I could’ve been winterizing, quilting, cleaning or “whatever”!

I am not a “good” sick person!

I have so many other things that I could be doing – staying in bed just feels like you are playing hooky from “life” – with none of the normal playing-hooky-fun!!

So disappointing.

Anyways, I am feeling better now, which is a good thing because I have to go back to “the day job” this morning. I also have to finish wrestling with my current conundrum….. I have to make a decision (quick) that I have put off as long as I can. The reason – I’m running out of time, and the townsfolk have already started asking me what I am going to do.

The BIG decision/question???

Am I going to continue our tradition and decorate/do our Christmas Lighting displays this year??????????

While that may seem like an irrelevant question to some – it really is a very important one around here. For those of you who weren’t “with” me last year, allow me to explain…

Our Holiday Lighting Displays have long been the talk of the town (and a few neighboring ones as well). There are only 2 other individuals in town who decorate “Bigger” than we do. One is a friend of our across town, who just so happens to be an Electrician (go figure – LOL). The other is a neighbor down the road who owns his own Landscaping Company (go figure, again). We always seem to compete amongst ourselves as to who can light bigger and brighter and more creatively.

I scared them the year I said I was making a Landing Strip in the field next to the house for Santa and his reindeer, and then told the Electrician friend that I would be “acquiring” the sleigh off of HIS roof for the display!! 

Hehehehehe.    🙂   

Anyways, to give you a better comprehension of the enormity of the job – our 2 car garage has never held 2 cars. It is instead over half full of tubs and boxes stacked to the ceiling ( NO, I am NOT kidding!!) that are overflowing with Christmas Lights and decorations for the displays – and for inside the house as well.

We LOVE Christmas!!

My son always says that the lights from our property rival those of the local airport down the road. Silly boy!!    😉   

While I know it seems early to most people for us to even be thinking of such things – the truth is, a job of that magnitude requires almost a month of preparations, and set-up time, to pull off. We would always start set-up by the end of October,  so that we could “Light-em-up” on the night of Thanksgiving. That is why the townsfolk have already started inquiring if I am going to be up to the job this year – they understand that it is a lot of work, and things are not “the same” this year.

They mean no harm, and it is a question that I have already been rolling over in my mind for a month or so.

A part of me wants to continue our tradition – to honor Scott and his love of our lights.

A part of me wants to just say “Forget it!!” – because Scott is not with me this year, and it does not seem right to do it without him. He was like a big kid who took such pleasure in “One-upping” his Electrician buddy! I just don’t know if my son and I have the heart to attempt it on our own…..

So, you see, I have a BIG decision to make – quick.


I’d better decide soon – I hear Santa and his Reindeer calling from the garage!




One Response to “To do, or Not to do……”

  1. flyinggma Says:

    You and your son will have to figure out what feels right for you this season. Maybe you will come up with a “new” version of Christmas maybe not as grand as Scott would have done but special to the two of you just the same. I’ll be praying for some peace for you on this.

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