Important Things and Decisions…

Well, we’ve decided. We are going to go with a minimalist outdoor decorating theme this year. For several reasons:

#1)  Less set-up needed

#2)  Over $100.00 in savings off of our electric bill

#3)  Less take-down time required in January’s nasty weather

#4)  More incentive for the neighbors to go “all-out” in their light displays

#5)  NO ROOF CLIMBING!! WooHoo! ( I don’t do heights – that was Scott’s dept.)

Now keep in mind – I am a girl, and a quilter; therefore, I always have the right to change my mind! However, since this decision involves significant financial savings – I probably won’t.   😉   

We shall see.    🙂   

On to much more important things….

Did YOU change your batteries in your Smoke Detectors/Fire Alarms??????

The Fire Department recommends that you change out your batteries every time Daylight Savings Time changes (every Spring and every Fall for those of you without DST). This insures that you always have fresh batteries in the most important/life saving appliance in your home!!

No Fire Alarms/Smoke Detectors in you home, you say?

Call your local Fire Department, or Fire Protection District. NOW!!

They always keep some on hand (Free of Charge) for those who need them, and can’t afford them. Call Them! Today!!

If you are elderly, or incapacitated, you especially have no excuse for not calling them – those sweet, cute Fireguys will be more than happy to come by YOUR house and change your batteries, or install Fire Alarms/Smoke Detectors for you (also Free of Charge)!!! Trust me – we would rather do this, than have to pull you out of your house AFTER a fire, because you had no warning alarm to wake you in the middle of the night.  Please call.      🙂    

Gotta take care of our Peeps ya know! Besides, we all (Fireguys and Gals) have, or had, grandma’s and grandpa’s too – and we would want someone to help them out/take care of them if they needed it! Even if it was something as “small” as changing the batteries in their Fire Alarms!     😉   

Change your batteries, or call your local Fire Department – TODAY!! Please.


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