Bathroom Project Update

As many of you may remember, I’ve talked about a bathroom project that Scott and I were in the middle of, and that needed to get finished up before winter set in.

I thought I would show you what I was talking about, and where I’m at now.

About 2 weeks before he passed away, the water pipe coming thru the floor to the toilet broke. Bathroom flooded. Carpet and pad had to be ripped up. Scott repaired the pipe. I got the floor dried out. We were at the decision making stage of what kind of floor covering to put down.

Now for the good part. I went to our local home improvement store – and found a HUGE BLESSING of a deal!!!! (check out the price tag in the photo)

YUP!! Less than a throw-rug! So, I picked up this carpet, and some padding (boy – does THAT stuff stinketh!!!).

And do you want to know the most amazing thing of all?!? (hankey alert – at least for me)

Scott had picked up this small “carpet sample” just 2 days before he passed to see if I thought it would be a good color for the carpeting. I layed the “sample” on top of the carpet remnant I bought to show you what I saw when I compared the two……

It contains the SAME exact colors!!! No – I did not have this “sample” with me at the store…..In the natural – what are the odd’s????? The exact size remnant I needed – containing the exact same color Scotty had picked out!?!   🙂   

Think he “helped” with my shopping? LOL


Have a great day!



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