The Skinny Dipping Christmas Tree


I bet that’s a title that you never thought you’d see!

Me either.

But – it happened!


Allow me to explain….

Nothing “simple” ever really is….

You see, it all started innocently enough.

A few extra minutes. A run to the garage to retrieve the artificial tree we put up every Christmas. Bring the tree into the house. Remove tree from bag, and set her up. It is in 3 pieces, so it is a no-muss, no-fuss 15 minute set up. You are then ready for decorating at your earliest convenience.



Garage run – check.

Tree into house – check.

Open bag and unpack tree – EEEEEEEEK!!!!!!

What to my wondering eyes should appear, but a hole in the bag – and proof several mice had been living here!!!

Much to the cats great dismay – the mice were long gone, but their “leftovers” were not.

SO – that left me with 2 options:

Throw the whole thing out to the curb and have no Christmas Tree this year (a replacement is not in the budget, you see)…..

 – OR –

BATH TIME!!!!!!  (after a good vacuuming that is)   😉   

A lot of Lysol.

A little Pine Sol – gotta have that pine smell ya know!     😉   

and Viola’ !

Clean, mousey free Christmas Tree!

Who knew a “garden tub” was just the right size for giving a Christmas Tree a bath!?!


So – how’d you spend your Sunday night? LOL



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