“I Beeleeeve…..”

I feel my inner “Blue Collar Comedy” alter-ego coming on! Please bear with me.    😉   

I believe… that we should have a National Day of Play for all workers….once a month.

I believe… that every human being should be required to work as a waitress/waiter for 1 month – at least once in their lives.

I believe… that every human should learn how to cook, do laundry AND clean toilets.

I believe… that politicians should learn/remember that they work FOR the people – NOT the other way around.

I believe… that God, prayer AND the Pledge of Allegiance should be put back into the public schools.

I believe… that all businesses who can seat/hold 300 people should have more than 20 parking spaces.

I believe… that ALL vehicles should be equipped with sensors that cause the vehicle to automatically slow down if the vehicle in front of them is slowing to make a turn.

I believe… that everyone who claims to believe in the Theory (idea) of Evolution should ask “If it were true – then why do we still have monkeys???” (needless to say – I DO NOT belive in it)     🙂   

I believe… there should be sensors on all bathroom doors that refuse to allow them to open from the inside if the toilet has been flushed and the sink was not used.

I believe… that if there are 12 checkout lines in a store, at least half of them should be “manned” at all times.

I believe… that anyone who turns their shopping cart loose to roam in a parking lot should be fined. They have parking lot security cameras – right??

I believe… that whomever determines what the “Minimum Wage” of pay should be, is required to live on it.

And that is just some of what “I Believe”.



4 Responses to ““I Beeleeeve…..””

  1. planejaner Says:

    Sounds like you’re having an Angry Samaritan Moment!


  2. flyinggma Says:

    This is a wonderful list Shady. I’ve waitressed before and I think that everyone should have to waitress for a month and they would certainly be more compassionate. There should also have to work at a customer service counter the days following Christmas.

    • shadybrooks Says:

      I agree with you completely! I never worked a customer service counter – but was in the resteraunt business for about 14 years, and a server for several of them….. I couldn’t do it now – the customers and I wouldn’t get along too well I’m afraid 🙂

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