Snow Days: Kids vs. Adults

Remember when you were a kid and so looked forward to/hoped/prayed for snow days??

You were determined to have that day off. You had your snow day all planned out, you refused to do/think about your homework (if it wasn’t done yet),  thought of a million things you could/would do the next day,  and spent most of your evening looking out the window to see how things were progressing.

You planned on sleeping in, hanging out in your jammies eating all of the cereal you could consume, watching cartoons, building snowmen, making snow angels and beating the bejeepers out of any kid in throwing distance with the impressive snowballs you would hurl at them mercilessly all day long!

It would be GLORIOUS!!

No schoolwork. No homework. No teachers. No nothing – other than F.U.N.!!!


Now – fast forward to that dreaded word – Adulthood!

Now – you sit glued to your “technology of choice” tracking the advancing storm, its arrival time and accumulation amounts. You race to the local stores for necessary staples like milk, bread, eggs, chocolate, toilet paper, snow shovels and salt. You obsess over things like covering your car’s windshield with tarps; finding your “lost” snow boots; figuring out how to call in “sick” the next day (and remain employed) so you don’t have to drive in the coming mess; and are they going to cancel school – or not???

Your day is all planned too. You get up early to check snow totals; get ready for work (just in case you HAVE to go in); check school closings, and “utter colorful words” at the T.V./radio for not announcing your school yet; make breakfast; shovel the porch; shovel the sidewalk; shovel out your car (if you can find it); shovel the driveway; “break into” your car thru the ice-cube encasing it so you can start it to warm it up/thaw it out; check school closings – again; call everyone you know who might have ventured out already to get road condition info (and see if they have heard about school closing yet); Obsess about the school closing – until it is FINALLY announced (5 min. before you are supposed to leave); send kids back to bed; find out that you can stay home too; turn off the car; re-shovel path/walkway; start planning lunch; spread more rock salt; change into dry clothes; think about a nap; make some more coffee; start on housework, and assign everyone their “chores” for the day.

It is now 8:00 am.

You wish you were a kid again.

Snow days were soooooo much more fun then…..

Solution for rest of day: Go throw on your fuzzy slippers, throw something in the crock-pot so lunch/dinner can “cook itself”, curl up on the sofa under a warm blanky with some hot chocolate until later today – the go beat the “know-it-all” kids butt’s in a massive snowball fight!! Oh yeah, and make a few snow angels along the way!

Why not???? It is a snow day!    😉


3 Responses to “Snow Days: Kids vs. Adults”

  1. planejaner Says:

    I love snow days. Love them.

  2. myknittingcircle Says:

    We may never get out from under this snow! And even with a husband and a teenager, guess who shoveled the steps and swept the porch?

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