Thoughts from my Eccentric Self…..

I have been getting started on my Early Spring  (wishful thinking, I know) Cleaning.

I’ve had some musings which must be shared.

You are my audience.

The Muckrunners are poor listeners;  they all seem to have ADHD, and only care about the words with “food” in them……. and the house is otherwise empty right now. 

Therefor – you are “it”.  


1)  Dustbunnies should be neutered.

2)  If you never see/find the spider….. where do all of the cobwebs come from?

3)  If your Long-arm Quilting Machine is computer aided, and does 80% – 95% of the quilting for you – why would you still be credited as the “Quilter” when the machine actually did all of the work from a program? Wouldn’t you just be the machines “assistant”????

4)  If the saying is true that you can learn the most about a person from what is on their bookshelves….. then I am officially the most Eccentric person I know!! And I have 8 fully loaded (with not a modern fiction novel in sight)  7′ tall x 4  1/2′ wide bookshelves to prove it!!

5)  Why/how can 55 gallon contractor trash bags hold nails, broken glass, drywall, insulation and wooden boards effortlessly – and yet manage to not be able to withstand a few (okay – 35) magazines?????

6)  If something is labeled “All-Purpose”:  why is it only good for certain applications???

7)  Cleaning chemicals that suggest that you wear a respirator in their directions probably weren’t intended for the application that you want/need to use them for.

8 )  “Child-Proof” mechanisms should actually be labeled “Adult-Proof” because only a child can get into them!

9)  If the medications side-effects are worse than the symptoms being treated – WHY would you take them if you want to feel better????

10)  How/why would they add a “scent” to a chemical/cleaner that was made to kill/eliminate “odors”??? Shouldn’t it “kill/remove” its own “smell” too if it REALLY worked????

Just some things that make you go “Hmmmmmmm…..”



2 Responses to “Thoughts from my Eccentric Self…..”

  1. myknittingcircle Says:

    You’re right about all those comments. lol. I’d like to add one of a similar vein: If it can’t be fixed with duct tape, then it can’t be fixed at all!

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