“It’s Baaaacccckkk!!!”

Time, yet again, to batten-down-the-hatches!

We are about to be the recipient of yet another Snow Storm “presant”!


The last of the snow on the ground from our last “episode” just finally melted off yesterday!

Now, they are advising us that we will get between 5 – 9 inches in the next 24 hours starting around 3:00 pm today. Just in time for the evening commute home! The National Weather Service is advising everyone to make “alternate” travel plans for tonight and tomorrow, as they foresee most roads being impassable in a very short period of time, and snow plows unable to run/keep up!

Those of us who must drive for hours for our “Day Jobs” are NOT thrilled with the thought of what we are about to have to deal with.

No – I do not drive for hours “to” and “from” my day job – driving for hours IS my day job! Approximately 4 + hours on “good” days, and up to 7 + hours on the “bad” weather/road condition days. The drive “to” and “from” work is only about a half an hour trip each way. 

However, considering that my old job was an hour drive “to” and “from” work, then an 8 hour shift of straight drive time (on good days), I am Blessed and highly grateful for the job I have now – esp. in this kind of weather!! Controlling several thousand pounds of vehicle/cargo  vs. controlling 35,000 lbs + of vehicle/cargo on these hilly, careening roads with drop-offs on both sides is MUCH easier/less stressful!!

So, it is off to work I go – praying for the weather to hold off until I am once again safely ensconced in my home this evening.

Wish me luck!!


Stay safe and warm y’all!

p.s.  Before you ask – YES, I can/do/have drive(n) anything with wheels, and several things without. My Grandpa was a Big-Rig driver for an oil refinery, who taught me how to drive long before the age of 10 (my nickname was “Boy” LOL). This has come in very handy in my lifetime!    😉     My first lessons were on our old FARM-ALL with a 25′ hay trailer attached. My next lessons were on our FORD pick-em up truck. My first car lessons were on his Fast-Back Mustang. This seemed “backwards” in vehicle-size learning to me – until I was older and understood/appreciated the “importance” of the Fast-Back!!    😉   

I loved that car!!

Too much fun on our old gravel roads!  Hehehehehe    🙂   

NO – I never wrecked ANY of these – MaMaw would have KILLED us both (me and my Grandpa)!! But, since she was a nurse – I guess she could have “fixed” us back up later.    🙂   

Have a great day!!


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