Day 2

Well, I made it home yesterday. The storm system stalled a bit (Thank You God), and didn’t come in until around 6 pm – instead of the original time of 3 pm that they forecast. Most everyone in the area had made it home and hunkered down by then – except for a few of our teens who were headed to church when it hit.

Can you say Parental pins and needles Panick Attack?????

Luckily, my gaggle of kids (“adopted” and mine) quickly realized the worsening conditions, did an about-face and headed back home! Needless to say, I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief when I was able to do my best Baseball Umpire impression and yell “SAFE!!!!” as my son slid sideways into the yard! It was all good – the large Snowplow Truck that was going to be my new “Lawn Ornament”, had made it out (and was merrily on his way) about 20 minutes prior.    😉   

So, believe it or not, I am off to go head out to work. YES – I have to work (drive) in this “crap”…. UGH!!

Let’s hope that even though I have not heard/seen a Plow Truck go by since 3 am (even though snow is still falling and we are at 6 inches and counting), that the roads are passable by 4-wheel drive. Thank God for trucks!!!

Hopefully Mr. Plowboy isn’t stuck again….. I really don’t want to have to pull him out!    😉   

Have a great/safe/warm day!



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