We Made It Thru – Temporarily

Hey everybody!

Just a quick note for you today to let you know that we survived our “little” snow incident.    😉   

It took 2 days, but the roads are finally cleared – just in time for our newest Winter Storm Watch. Apparently the 7 – 10 inches we received around the area was not enough snow for one blast – we are now supposed to get 2 – 6 more inches by tomorrow night (depending on how the storm line shifts)!!

Allrighty then.

Nevermind that when the last blast moved into the area we had almost 40 accidents on a 5 mile long stretch of Highway in just a few hours! Almost 100 accidents in the surrounding area in just under 24 hours…. God Bless our Police/EMS/Fire Depts who were stuck out working all of those wrecks surrounding the Lake Area! Quite a few of our local farmers (God Bless them too) were out there diligently assisting the efforts with their tractors – pulling stuck snow plows out, rescuing stranded vehicles and plowing side streets and back roads as they were able. Apparently you could get around just fine – if you were “driving” a John Deere or a Massie/Ferguson!    😉   

By the Grace of God I was able to get thru all of it safely, and do my “day job” (at a whopping 20 mph – maximum).  It was a very long day.    🙂   

That was okay by me – since the main focus was to get thru the day unscathed and in one piece. The most un-nerving aspect of such a day is the moment that you realize there are weeds poking thru the snow in your driving path because the road is so buried/snow-covered that you can’t tell what is road and what is ditchline/field, and you are having to drive the area by “memory” of where the road/curves are supposed to be!

Ahhhhhhh….. driving in the Ozarks……    🙂   


I think now would be a good time to go find the tire chains.



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