There Are Days……

There are days when I can’t think of a thing to write.

Days when the most out of the ordinary thing that happened was the washing machine having a kaniption fit and waltzing around the laundry room, because a load was unbalanced. Thus, scaring the bejeepers out of the cats because they thought the house was suddenly “out to get them’! Twice!!

Days when what REALLY happened was far too personal to put out there in Blogland for all to see/know.

Days when the most memorable thing that happened was soooooo embarrassing, that you spent your whole workday walking around with a jacket tied around your waist, just so no one else would see what you didn’t want them too!

Days when the “children” did nothing but fight all day, wear on your nerves, and “relocate” everything in their paths.

Days when you woke up so grumpy from all of the stress you were under, that you just wanted to either crawl back under the covers and hide – or tell the whole world off (and started doing so the minute you got up).

Days when the most exciting thing in your life was what was going on with your Facebook friends – half a world away.

Days when you spent most of the day imagining what it would be like/how-to run away; build a hut on a deserted island somewhere; change your name to Kookaburra (or something similar), and spend all of your time catching fish and swinging in a hammock while dozing in the warm sun.

Some days you just have nothing to say…..     😉


One Response to “There Are Days……”

  1. flyinggma Says:

    I can so relate to EVERYTHING on you list except the Facebook part since I haven’t joined Facebook and probably never will….just the same everyone has days like you have described…

    I especially love the last one on your list with adding a good book or two to read or a quilt to work on to my heart’s content without interuption.

    Yesterday it just felt good to clean my kitchen. The rest of the house is a disaster but one room looks good.

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