K.I.S.S. Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial

Hey’ Y’all!

Would you care to join me in some of my middle-of-the-night-maddness inspiration????

You would?!


I woke up at about 3am this morning (not unusual), and an idea immediately struck (very unusual)!

Normally, morning coffee is required for any ideas to start percolating in my mind – but, this morning was different. God put an idea/pattern into my head almost before it was even off the pillow! So, being the “good student”, I grabbed a pen and paper, and started writing the pattern out while waiting for my coffee to brew. I then grabbed a cup and started making (and documenting for you) the pattern I now had on paper.

In about 30 minutes, or so, I was done and am now going to share with you my crazy “4am tutorial”.    😉    

Wanna see?

Okay kids, grab a pen and paper and follow along! You’ll want to make one of these for your own machine – and one for all of your sewing buddies too! (Think Birthdays, Christmas, etc…..)

Here it is…..

The K.I.S.S. (keep it simple silly) Sewing Machine Cover


All you need:

1 Fat Quarter   (18 1/2 inch x 22  1/2 inch cut of fabric) that you love too much to cut up

1/4 yard of coordinating fabric (for border strips)

72 inches (or 2 – 36 inch pieces) of cute ribbon 1/4 – 1/2 inch wide

sewing machine

ruler, cutting implements, thread (I used contrasting thread so you could see my stitching), pins


STEP 1 )   Select your favorite fabric Fat Quarter  (18 1/2″ x 22 1/2″ cut of fabric)


Step 2)   Select coordinating Border Fabric, and Ribbon. Cut two 3 foot long pieces of ribbon and set aside.


Step 3 )    Now, cut 2 strips of border fabric @ 3″ x 26  1/2″ ; and 2 strips of border fabric @ 3″ x 18  1/2″


Step 4 )   Fold short Top and Bottom strips in half lengthwise, wrong sides of fabric together and finger press to crease. (see photo below)


Step 5 )   Pin these strips to the Top and Bottom of Fat Quarter – right side of Fat Quarter fabric facing up.


Step 6 )  Sew Top and Bottom strip on to Fat Quarter using a 1/4′ seam allowance. Then press seams towards the Fat Quarter center.


Step 7)  Now, take the long remaining Side Border strips (right side of fabric face down) and fold the short ends of the strip up 1/4 inch, and then fold 1/4 inch again to encase raw edge inside this endfold. (see next 2 photos below)


7a)   Now pin this fold to hold it in place and MOST IMPORTANTLY

Step 8 )   Place this border strip against the side of the Fat Quarter (see photo below) where you will be attaching it to. Check your strip length, and adjust it to fit by adjusting the tightness/width of your endfolds (photo above). These strips must match up perfectly in length!!    🙂   


8a )   Once the lengths match, sew those endfolds down using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.


Step 9  )   Now lay the border strips on the Fat Quarter edge where you will be joining them (right sides of fabric together).


9a )   Finger press strips in half lengthwise and crease.


9b  )   Open strip back up to expose crease mark.


9c  )  Lay 1 length of cut ribbon on strip, right next to crease mark, making sure it extends evenly out past ends of strip.


9d  )  Tack ribbon temporarily with a pin to hold in place in center of length of border strip.


9e  )   Fold length of border strip back up now to completely encase length of ribbon (below photo)


9f  )   And pin border strip in place


Step 10  )   Sew side border strips down using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Press seams towards Fat Quarter center.


Now place cover over your sewing machine, and draw up ribbons on each end and tie together to secure!

Try not to wake up the Natives…..

Because THEY WILL find the ribbons….. even if you hide them under the extension table……

and untie them for you…….

Isn’t it cute?!? (The machine cover – trust me – Horatio already knows he is cute! LOL)

Hey – If I can do this while still half asleep – then anyone can!!!!     😉    

Now, if you do not have “Sewing Room Assistants Supervisors” like I do, that’s okay! You’ll just be able to finish this project all that much more quickly than I did – possibly less than the 30 minutes it took me! Although, actually being awake first might help too!    😉   

This would not only make a good quick gifty project – it would also make a good childs project to introduce them to 1/4 inch seams/fabric selection, or a quick Quilt Club Individual Project for a way to use up those Fat Quarters!

If you decide to make one (or several) of these, let me know – and include a photo. I would love to see what you do/come up with!!

Have a great day!!

Shady    🙂


One Response to “K.I.S.S. Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial”

  1. flyinggma Says:

    Very nice Shady. I hope to try making one once my sewing room back together.

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