Good Morning Everybody!!

For weeks months now I have been just inches/seconds away from pressing the “Delete” button on this Blog…..

Pressing a button that would forever erase 100’s, no 1000’s of hours of my life, hard work and memories over the last year and a half of my life.

(Yes – That is what you think it is….. I took the above photo last month right over my house – from my front porch – with my phone!! Scary, but it stopped right there with no damage! I wasn’t in the mood for it that day, so I’m sure I looked like a Crazy Woman standing outside yelling at it to “GO AWAY!!”  and “telling it off”, but I didn’t really care at the time, LOL.)

Why had I been thinking of  “Deleting” this Blog?

Because of those whom we shall call “The Critics”, as my all-to-wise son has aptly  “named”  them. Those who stalk this Blog looking for items to criticize me about, or thoughts I’ve posted to fuel the dissention/strife that they wish to live/participate in. Those who are more interested in bringing you grief, than bringing you a smile. Those who are already forming scathing e-mail responses in their minds to the few words that I’ve just written.

We all have them to deal with in our own lives – in different capacities. The difference is in how we let them affect us/our lives.

If I were to hit the “Delete” button – then they win. They “silence” my existence/thoughts and move on to the next person that they wish to monitor/control. And there will always be someone for them to focus on – they will “find them”….. It is all they know.

This Blog is a way to share my creativity with the world.  It is a way for me to share with you the beauty that I come into contact with everyday.  A way to share my thoughts with more than just my “four walls”.  A way to stay connected with those who are too far away from me  for me to just hop in the car and drive over for a visit.  A way to “send” a photo of my world/seasons/flowers/goings-on’s to my friends in other states/countries who are still dealing with ice/snow/dreariness/natural disasters/chaos, and give them a smile when they need it most.  A way to send them some “lifting up”/encouragement/hope that whatever situation they may be dealing with that day – they are not really “alone”.  To give them hope that they can/will get thru it – one day at a time….. Like eating an elephant!     😉    

A way to remind others that “this too shall pass”;  and that while “picking up all of the broken pieces” is one of the hardest things that we will ever have to do – if we want to have any hope for tomorrow to be better, then it MUST be done in order to “live” again.  To smile again.  To be a Blessing to someone else who desperately needs some “Hope” themselves.  To give some encouragement/courage to those who are going thru whatever it is that you have already went thru (not stayed-in, went THRU). 

To help build someone else up, and to give them a “smile” when they feel like they have nothing left to smile about.  To let them know that there is someone else out there, who has to deal with the same kinds of “craziness” that has visited their house that week.  To remind them to find Joy (if only for a moment in time) in the sunrise/sunset/pretty flower/crazy animal antic that is occurring right in front of them – if they will only stop long enough to see it.

So, I am not closing this Blog.  It helps too many others, if only for a moment in time.  Those it offends – that is their CHOICE….. and they can choose NOT to read it.  I am listening to my son and choosing to no-longer listen  to “The Critics” – but  to listen instead to my heart, my God, and do what makes me happy while it ministers/teaches/helps/build-up others, and brings a smile to someone elses’ tear-stained face. If only for a moment in their world.

To write what gives someone else hope that they too can make it thru the chaos/pain/fear that is going on around them that day; because someone else has already gone thru it – or is going thru it with them from afar.

That they are not completely alone – the world is “crazy” everywhere, and there is someone else out there dealing with something too.  It gives others a “break” from their own reality, while they focus on someone elses’ life/circumstances/chaos/victory.  And sometimes,  just sometimes, this Blog even teaches you how to bake some awesome “yummy thing” to surprise your family with; or even inspires/teaches you how to make some “pretty thing” to make you (or someone else) smile.     🙂    

No, I’m not closing my Blog.

I think I will just write more to really piss the critics off.    😉   

I’m here to stay – for as long as God will allow. So….

God Bless, and

Have a Great Day!!!     😉    


13 Responses to “Hope”

  1. planejaner Says:

    I hope you’ll read that link. 🙂
    Shady. You keep on being you.
    That’s why God made you.

  2. flyinggma Says:

    So happy that you are sticking it out and being the person you were meant to be.

    Sending blessings your way, Jeanne

  3. Cindy Says:

    Shady, I am ashamed to admit that, although I read, enjoy and treasure every single one of your blogs, I rarely post a comment. But, I will comment now, in that I am so glad you have made the decision to keep your blog. It is almost impossible for me to grasp the notion that there are those who would criticize you. All I can say is that your “critics” are spiritually lost. I say this because anyone who is spiritually aware would not criticize. Therefore, as God’s Word says, pray for those who persecute you. And, don’t take it personally. It’s not you personally that they are lashing out at. You are simply “target practice” for them. Keep in mind that God’s Word says these things will happen in the last days. So, continue to stay close to God and place all of your faith and trust in Him. And, count yourself fortunate that you have this opportunity and this type of communication to spread God’s message of Hope and Love.
    With love from your faithful fan!

  4. Beth Says:

    As I’m sure you know, there are some people who are not happy unless the people around them are Not happy. How ticky-tacky. I, for one, am glad to read about your world. You inspire me to share a little bit more of myself than I ordinarily would. So, please ignore the nay-sayers. That’s just what they are…nothing. take care and have fun

  5. Beth Says:

    P.S. In regards to your comment at the top of the blog on creativity: If you make mistakes it means you’re at least trying!

  6. Joan Says:

    Why is it that 100s of words of praise and support are nixed by just a few critics? Because evil wants so badly for us to believe that we are not loved. You go! You are precious and important and loved and treasured.

  7. Betty Says:

    Just found your blog and have enjoyed it very much. Don’t give up, Bookmarking so I can return.

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