The French General Came to Visit

The reason for the visit….

Last month I entered a contest hosted by The Fat Quarter Shops Jolly Jabber.

I couldn’t resist. It was for some of the most beautiful fabric!!! Pom Pom de Paris.  The fabric line had been inspired by the gardens at a 14th century home in St. Antonin Noble Val in the South of France where the designer Kaari of The French General had vacationed/stayed with her family!  Just think – a 14th century home and gardens – still standing/inhabitable, and well cared for. Wow!

Anyways, I was sooooooo Blessed to be chosen the winner of the Fat Quarters of the whole fabric collection!!!


Also included with the fabric was a pattern for the Pom Pom de Paris quilt!

And yes, I barely had the box unpacked before I lost possession of the box!!

Oh well,  “they” can have the box – but the fabric and pattern are mine!!! 

LOL     😉    

I don’t even want to know how they both fit in there.    😉   

Now, it’s time to go play with all the pretty fabrics. Yipee!!!

Hmmm….I wonder if I’ll get to dream of Paris and those gardens while sleeping under this one when it’s done????

I sure hope so!    🙂   

 A HUGE “Thank You” to The Fat Quarter Shop, and to The French General for this amazing prize/Blessing!!!!

You made my day!!!     😉    

 If you would like to have some of these fabrics, or the pattern, for your very own just the click on the link HERE to go to The Fat Quarter Shop and pick them up.


4 Responses to “The French General Came to Visit”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Congratulations on winning the contest! Couldn’t happen to a nicer person.

  2. planejaner Says:

    Hey! Congratulations! I know you will enjoy making that quilt. The colors are LOVELY!

  3. flyinggma Says:

    Oh How fun..Congrats!

  4. Crafts and Quilting Says:

    Great post thanks for sharing. You have a great layout here. Quilting is something I really enjoy doing. It passes the time and is very relaxing.

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