Just Checking In.

Hello Everyone.

Apologies re: my absence, but life has been a bit crazy over the past several months (and when you add in 16+ hour workdays at multiple jobs, turning on the computer is not even on your list of priorities! LOL).

With that said, I hope you are all having a good Summer – and staying cool!    🙂   

Also, I just wanted to extend a quick “Thank You” to those of you who have kept my family, and I, in your prayers over the past few months while they were in ICU/surgery/recovery from the multiple life-threatening events/circumstances they endured.

“Thank You”…….. You know who you are!     😉    

All are now doing well (finally), save 1, whom they had to recently move to a facility up North for more specialty care/treatment. It is still unclear regarding his recovery, so please continue to keep he and my Aunt in your prayers.

Well, it is time to catch a few hours sleep before my next shift. So, until next time……

Have a great day!




3 Responses to “Just Checking In.”

  1. flyinggma Says:

    Blessings to you Shady. I’ve thought of you often in the past few week when the strawberries were ripe at the farm around the corner from us. Nothing better than your Southern Strawberry Bread. Hope the health of all your friends and family members continue to improve. Jeanne

  2. myknittingcircle Says:

    Life is just a roller coaster. Sometime I feel as if I’m like the carton character who is hanging onto the back bar of the seat with his legs flapping in the wind. Hope things remain calm and that you’re back online. take care

  3. planejaner Says:

    Hey, Shady!
    wow–your life and that of your family’s–sounds like it’s been intense around there of late.

    blessings, and good to “see” you!

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