Broken Roads Wedding Quilt

Two of my sweetest, most supportive, caring, priceless “besties” (Chris and Bonnie) were joined in Holy Matrimony on Sat. October 15, 2011.


Every new couple needs a Wedding Quilt – dont’cha think?     🙂   

So, using all of their Wedding colors, their love for the “untraditional” yet “sophisticated” (just see their Wedding Cakes below)…

Wedding Cake 1 (for Bonnie)


Wedding Cake 2  (for Chris – he’s from New Orleans)


I came up with this quilt for them:


“Broken Roads”


They LOVED it…


BUT…. my son (who adores both Chris and Bonnie) wanted to name it – so it is not known as “Broken Roads” in their house.

Instead – it is…..


Their reaction to the label….






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