Finding Hope pt. 3 “Balance”


Now for the fun part! Yes, I said “FUN”.

When we become “survival minded” and are only focusing on “existing” thru the day, we lose our Balance. We only focus on situations, problems, worry, work and the here-and-now. We mentally, and physically, exhaust ourselves – and as we all know, mental exhaustion is MUCH worse than physical exhaustion.

So, now that we are learning how to Hope and Dream again, it is time to take the next step. We need to give our life, and minds, some Balance.

Before our lives/situations took the turns that they did over the past few years, we used to take time out to “Play”. We used to take mental breaks from reality and do things that we really enjoyed. Then, due to the economy, situations in our lives, stress – we stopped. Either due to the lack of finances, ability or interest. Thus, helping plunge ourselves into the mental states that we’ve recently found ourselves in.


Now, we need to start doing something about that!

First step:  Give yourself permission!!

Taking a “time-out” from your life/circumstances/situations DOES NOT make you irresponsible (because you are not spending every waking second of your life worrying/trying to DO something about everything). It makes you healthier, and much more stable mentally and emotionally.

Think about a Pressure Cooker pot. Eventually, it’s going to “blow” if no one ever turns the heat down, or takes the pot off of the burner. It’s the same with you! The only difference is that only YOU are in charge of “removing the pot from the burner” for a period of time, when it comes to your life.

So, “It’s OK” to take a momentary time-out from life – if only for an afternoon, or for a day.  But, YOU have to do it!  Your own mental/emotional well-being depends on it. By taking a break from your “reality”, you’ll be able to think more clearly, and more calmly. You will feel a lot less frazzled, and less confused/stuck.


Second step:  Follow through!

Now that you’ve given yourself permission to take some time for yourself – DO IT!!

Schedule a morning/afternoon/day where you can do whatever it is that you need to do to re-charge your mental batteries. It may be just staying home by yourself (Turn that phone OFF!), and curling up on the sofa to read a good book; a long walk thru the woods to enjoy the scenery; a day sitting on the shore/boat fishing; a leisurely afternoon window shopping; a lengthy visit to your local coffee-house; a short driving trip to go “antiqueing”, or sight-seeing; or just WHATEVER!!! Just DO something that you enjoy in order to unwind.  Your brain will thank you later – and so will those people who have to live with you!   😉   

Another great option is to join a local club or group, who shares your interest in something – and that meets for an hour or two on a regular basis. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce, or newspaper, to find listings for groups/meetings in your area – or at least close to you.

Don’t have a group in your area? Start one!!

It’s really not as hard as you would imagine. Just mention your interest in starting such a group to your co-workers, friends, church congregation, etc.,  and ask them if they would be interested in attending. If 4 or more people say “Yes”, then ask them what time of day/day of the week would work the best for them. Now, average out the answers that you get to decide on a meeting schedule. Now you just need a place to meet.

There are several options here. Your group could meet at a local eatery that has private “rooms”, a local church’s fellowship hall or basement,  you could host the meeting at a different members home/garage on a rotating basis, or even in a covered shelter at your local pool/park. These are just some ideas. The local park/pool is also a GREAT option for those who would have to bring young children with them in order to attend.   🙂  

You could meet once a month, once every 2 weeks, once a week – or however often you decide. I know of groups of ladies who meet like this JUST to play cards, and get out of their house!


The whole point is to bring some BALANCE back to your life, and take some time for yourself (like a child – just to PLAY!!!).

Far too many of us have forgotten how to do just that – and we desperately need to re-learn how to do that again!

1) Kids Play

2)  Kids Imagine

3)  Kids Dream

4)  Kids Hope

5) Kids Laugh

When we become “Adults” we forget how to do all of those things – not by choice. But it IS by choice that we can learn how to do them again – if only for a few hours every week. We NEED to! We MUST!!

We’ve now covered the first 4 things on that list  – number 5 will take care of itself once we start doing the first 4!   😉 

So, get to it….and

Be Blessed!!




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