Inspiration All Around







Too pretty God!!

Thank You for the inspiration!




A Day Off

Work 7 days a week.

For 12 weeks straight.

A day off = priceless!!     😉    

Spring Dreaming

Okay, I (like most everyone else) have had enough of Winter/Cold/Sub-Zero/Ick!! I want some Sun/Flowers/open windows and favorable temperatures!

So, in honor of my Spring Fever, I’m going to post some of my photos taken during my favorite times of year to give us all a bit of a boost.    😉   

Ahhhh……. That’s better!     😉   

Have a great day!


Christmas Quilty Things

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the things I made for Christmas presents this year (now that all of the recipients have received/opened them). Some of these have been “in the works” since last Christmas – and it was nice to finally finish them up.

See…. I really do still occasionally turn on my sewing machine!    😉

How You Spend Your 20th Birthday…

This is how you should spend your 20th Birthday (well, actually your 140th in dog years!!!!) ….. according to Sarah!!

First – find a warm, sunny spot.


Get a backrub/scratching!!!!

Happy Birthday Ms. Sarah Beagle (a.k.a. Border Patrol)!!!!!!!

We Love You!!!!!!!


The Colors of “Here”….

Outside my windows……..

Have a great day!!


Happy Fathers Day! (and a bug for all)

Here’s wishing all of you Dad’s out there a Happy Fathers Day! Hope you get to truly enjoy yourself’s today, and go fishing/play golf/do something that makes you happy.

So, since Boys are made up of “Bugs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails”, (no – I don’t remember the EXACT wording of the poem, but this part will do)  I thought I’d post some photos of a “Bug” that everybody likes!!  😉 

Happy Fathers Day!!





Have a great day!

Shady  😉