Blessed to Be a Blessing

God Blessed me Super-Abundantly yesterday – and I just HAD to share the story with you!


In short, a sweet older lady who lived in the area moved to Heaven a little over a month ago. Her 5 adult children came down (from 5 other states) to clean up and list her house for sale. They were dumbfounded by the quantity and variety of things she had amassed over her lifetime. They had only 4 days to do everything that needed to be done before they returned to their Job’s and families.

Her posessions were divided amongst them, and what no one wanted was to be listed for sale – all except for 1 rooms contents. They didn’t have any use for it, and didn’t have ant idea what to do with it all. So, they boxed it all up – and asked me if I wanted it.

My reply – “Praise God – YES!!”.

They’d found out I used such things to make donations to our local Senior Centers at Christmas time, and thought maybe I could put the items to good use for our charity – which would have pleased their mother greatly!

I still have to go thru most of it – but here’s a peek at some of what they sent home with me:

 These boxes actually measure about 25 inches tall, 20 inches wide and 4 foot long!!!!


 Yes – that is a LARGE spool of YARN you see!!








(Side Note:  None of the many bags/boxes of Embroidery projects, Cross-Stitch projects, Ceramics, Painting projects, Wood Crafts or Canvas projects/supplies are pictures here because I have already delivered them to their “Crafty Recipients”.    😉    It made their day!!!!)


Praise God!!!

That’s all I can say is Praise God!!!!


Some of the items (Tatted Crochet, Candlewicking, Double Hook Crochet) I’ve never attempted before, but am looking forward to learning in order to compleat the many, many projects she had started over the years! At least there are enough works-in-progress to show me the way (and many out of print instruction books too)!

Most of all – Praise God they didn’t just toss it all into the trash to be lost forever!! Thank God they asked me to put it to use instead. And so I shall – and some Seniors at our local centers will be very Blessed this Christmas because of their generosity!!

Mrs. S’s handiwork (with a few finishing touches from me) will not be wasted, lost or forgotten – but will instead be loved/used as it was intended!

And THAT makes me smile!    🙂    

Have a great day!










Not a normal week….

plum tree

I hope you’ve all been doing well, it has been a long, weird week around here – and I’m definitely looking forward to a new one!! A new week that is – NOT a new weird one….just clarifying!  😉   Rather than bore you with the innate details, let me just update you a bit on this much…. I did finish one crocheted scarf this week (loved it – nice and fuzzy, and now have a few more ready to be in the works) but, I have no picts for you. I was going to do that today. However, I ended up wearing it to church yesterday and gave it away to a friend who was not feeling well. She loves warm fuzzy things, and it was something to make her feel better – the flu is no fun!  😉  So, after I get the next one finished I will show you some picts! I do have one word of advice from this adventure tho….if you make a scarf using Homespun Yarns – take a lint roller to the finished product, or run it thru the dryer on “Fluff” to pull all of the extra “fuzz” off of the finished product!!! You’ll end up pulling fuzzies off of your eyelashes, lip gloss (or son’s day old stubble after a hug) for several minutes otherwise!!! LOL  🙂   In fact, that might not be a bad idea if you make a blanket or sweater out of that yarn as well…’s wonderful, awesome stuff – it just sheds right off the bat – A LOT!!! You have been warned!  🙂 

Next little piece of info is that I’m kinda busy right now hemming curtains for a friend, and working on pillowcases for another’s sons’ Eagle Scout badge. His community project regards getting others involved making pillowcases for a private cancer foundation pillowcase drive this month (while making several pillowcases himself). You can go to to learn more about this organization, it’s founder Cindy, get pillowcase patterns and mailing info for delivery of your pillowcases – should you wish to make a few yourself for future delivery – or if you are just interested in learning more about the cause.

So, with that I am going to sign off for now and go do some more sewing while I have a few moments. I will leave you with this recipe I found in Mamaws’ stash – for your breakfast considerations….

**This recipe has notations of being a 1930’s breakfast cake done in the “Crazy Cake” method (means it is all mixed up in /using only 1 pan)…Enjoy!!

Crazy Spiced Crumble Cake

2 cups flour

1 cup firm pack brown sugar

1/2 cup butter – melted

1 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp baking soda

1/4 tsp salt

1 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp ground up cloves

1 cup buttermilk (can add 1 tblsp vinegar or lemon juice to enough regular milk to equal 1 cup as a buttermilk substitution)

1 tsp vanilla

1 egg

oven preheated to 350 degrees

ungreased 8 or 9 inch square pan


Lightly spoon flour into measuring cups and level off, dump into pan with brown sugar and butter. Mix with a fork until crumbly. Remove 1 cup of crumbs and set aside for topping later. Add baking powder, baking soda, salt, cinnamon and cloves to mixture still in pan – stir with a fork to blend.

In a small bowl combine buttermilk, vanilla and egg – blend well, THEN pour over flour mixture in pan. Mix until smooth – scraping corners and pan bottom (I’d recommend using a rubber spatula nowadays instead of the fork they used – just saying).

Sprinkle reserved crumb mixture over top of cake. Bake at 350 degrees for 40 to 50 minutes – until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. Serve hot or cold.

 – That’s it!! Enjoy!! –   😉 


Creativity + Inspiration = OBSESSION

Creativity + Inspiration = OBSESSION!!!

Yes – I said obsession, and any truly creative person knows EXACTLY what I am talking about too. Believe you me! You see something that creates a spark within you and wakes up your creativity, and the next thing you know – obsession sets in. Your mind becomes focused non-stop on this latest endeavor, and you suddenly find yourself searching out all of the “things” that you need to create your latest obsession, and off you go!

My latest creativity spark is the “fault” of Miss Pat – at least that’s the excuse I’m using – LOL. Sorry Miss Pat.  🙂  After previewing all of her yarns that she had lying around, trying to decide what she was going to do with them, I suddenly found myself “itching” to play with some of my own!! The Crochetbug lifted its ugly head and bit me square on the butt – again!!

 Mamaw had taught me how to crochet somewhere around the age of 2 or 3 – probably to keep me out from underfoot while she was sewing – more to keep my nosy self from playing with her machine is more like it! At least for a year or two that is.  🙂  Anyways, after I was bit by the Quilting bug about 10 years ago, I kinda forgot about crocheting and abandoned all of my yarns in a back closet. Occaisionally adding a few new ones, but never doing anything with any of them. That’s where they’ve languished until now, all lonely and forgotten. Now, after Miss Pat’s yarn drooling session, I suddenly find myself itching to make some new scarves! No, not the functional keep-your-nose-from-freezing-off kind that are synonymous with winter type scarves. I’m talking about the you-wear-these-instead-of-a-necklace type accessory scarves. I have a couple, and have been looking for some more for several months now, but have been unable to find any I like. So, when you can’t find it – make it!!  🙂

Here’s what I’ve dug out so far, with a couple of new ones thrown in, that I  am getting ready to work with:


Whatcha think?

Pretty huh!?!?!?



So, the hooks are all gathered, no patterns required – never could read those blasted things anyways!! Let the fiber-fondling begin!! Weellll, just as soon as I can make some spare time – maybe tomorrow…today I think I’ll just pet them and drool.  🙂

Ahhh…My Pretties!!   🙂

Happy stitching!


Oh yeah – P.S.  I think I have everything organized with the search parameters for this site, so the name shall stay the same!! Yay!!! I really liked the name….didn’t wanna change  🙂  Talk to y’all later