New Year Goals


A New Year is upon us. That means new possibilities, new opportunities and for some – new resolutions. I however, am not a good “New Years Resolution” person. I’ve never been that interested in making them – nor very good at keeping them when I did make them. Instead, I make a couple of “New Years Goals” every year. I pick something that interests me, something that I want to accomplish or master in the coming year, and set that as my plan for the New Year. 

Last year it was machine applique. I wanted to learn how to do this technique so that I could add a little something to my quiltmaking arsenal for the kids quilts. I am not interested in the time-consuming Hand Applique due to the fact that with approx. 17 quilts due out for gifts every Christmas, and all the baby quilts thru the year, time is at too much of a premium in my world. So, I sought out the (in my humble opinion) “Queen of Machine Applique”   Pat Sloan a very wonderful and talented lady who came to my rescue in this endeavor! She is an amazing, sweet lady who makes Machine Applique so easy to understand, learn and do that even I could “get it”!! She’s wrote tons of books on the subject, but I was Blessed to learn from her “in person” via an internet feed, in about 10 minutes!!! How’s that for no-frills teaching!!! She made it so easy to learn that I could kiss her – if we lived closer 🙂 I do talk to her alot online, and right now she’s buried under about 20+ inches of snow, so I’ll save the kiss-visit for later.  🙂 

Anyways, this year my goal (I think) is to master Fabric Painting. I just found a supplier for the paint pens and supplies I’ll need – Mary Maxim – who is also a great source for yarns, beading, embroidery and other handcrafts, and  I’m thinking that some quilts with the combination of applique and fabric painting/embellishment will be da bomb!! Throw in some Thread Painting (another technique on my New Years Goals list to learn) perhaps ala’ Miss Patsy Thompson and I am imagining all sorts of wonderful possibilities!! Wish me luck! Hopefully, I should will be able to make some awesome quilts to bless others with for next Christmas!! At least, that is the plan anyways.  🙂 

Another plan/goal is that maybe, just maybe, I might even get to make myself a quilt this year! Ahhhh, yet another New Years Goal… Actually, that one would be considered an unfinished goal from last year, er – the year before, no – the year before that, um….you get the idea. 😉 

So, don’t make resolutions this year – make one or two or three New Years Goals! They are much more forgiving, and the best part is – NO DEADLINES!!! Lord know that we all could use less of those! 🙂 So, do what you love, stay warm, enjoy yourself and have fun with your goals! 

Until next time…. 



Time For Coffee!!!


  My son tells me all the time that I should #1 own stock in Starbucks, and #2 that I need to invent a sippy-lid for the top of the coffee pot, because my coffee cups just keep getting bigger and bigger….. Maybe he’s right 🙂


I found this megacup yesterday at our churchs’ bookstore. Miss Sarah had just unpacked the “trial shipment” of 2 of these and didn’t even have them on the shelf yet *grins* so, of course, I told her I “had to have” one and begged her to PLEEEAAASSSEEE put one back for me until they went on the shelf. She is such a sweetheart that once she saw they were already in the computer, she went ahead and sold me this baby now. YIPPEE!!!!! They will be getting more in (esp. since everyone who saw them wanted one) so if you would like one to go to and ask about them, in case they aren’t on the website just yet – and tell them Shady sent you!! 🙂 However, be forewarned – this baby holds approx a 1/2 pot (of a 12 cup pot) of coffee at a time!!!! Fez (one of my “adopted” teenagers) said it would make a great soupbowl too. Probably, but mine is just for coffee, and maybe Hot Chocolate. Hehehehehe.  



Anyways….today is the start of my 72 hour Quilting Marathon, so I need all the caffeine I can get….wish me luck –  on the quilts, not the caffeine! 🙂 LOL  


It actually snowed last night!!! No accumulation, but it looked very pretty for a few minutes, big fluffy flakes and all. We’ll see if we get anything else today – weatherboy’s not sure yet. Today’s the perfect day for it to snow if it’s going to though; I’ll be in the sewing studio, roast will be in the crockpot, Christmas music playing, and cinnamon apple candles burning all over the house! 🙂 My kinda day 🙂 Oh yeah, did I mention I’ll actually have the house to myself to do all of this?!?! Yaayyy!!! I love my family – but today is not the day to be entertaining them. 🙂 I have work to do 🙂 If I get enough accomplished today, I may even see about making some Christmas Cookies later on tonight. That’ll be their “reward” for letting me get this stuff done. 🙂 We’ll see…….

Well, it’s off to the studio I go, coffee in hand… Here’s wishin’ Y’all a warm, safe, happy and productive day! I’ll talk to Y’all more later:)