Busy, Busy, Busy……


The Sunrise and Sunset Photo Album is uploaded, Crock-Pot Recipes have a page, probably 20 more Christmas Cookie recipes have been added, and last but not least – the Quick Breads/Cakes/Muffins page has been added for those who asked!! 🙂 The “candy/treat” page is good to go, and a few more “body scrub” recipes have been added. Hopefully things will now be easier for you to find and enjoy with less searching (however, I do have the “search” button on the upper right of the pages if you need it), and several more pages are in the works to get more of the quilty/crafty things uploaded for you to peruse. I know that this is not one of my normal posts – I’ll do that later today – but I needed to let everyone know, who asked for the above changes, that it has been done. 🙂 Enjoy, and I’ll talk to you more later today!! 

Happy Sunday! 

Shady, and Company (Muckrunners)