Hmmm….Up All Night, Then….

….They sleep all day!!!

They’re FIRED!!!



Must Protect The Mama!!!

My Orange tree is right on schedule – she doesn’t know that it’s winter here…

I am not going to tell her……

A happy, quiet existence soaking up the early morning sun – until THEY appeared….

Why were THEY being so pushy and taking over the window????

“Who? Us?”                    

Yes – YOU!  🙂

“But they’re here Mama!!! We have to defend you!”

Defend me from who??

 “From THEM!!! Silly Mama”

“Don’t you see them Mama? They’re right outside the window!!!”

“Don’t worry Mama, we’ll protect you from them!!”

“They may be laughing now – but WE’LL take care of’em for you!!”

Oh really?

“Oh yes Mama, you should see how very scary we can be when they look at us!! Go See for yourself, silly Mama.”

Umm, OK……


Yup, purty scary….

Okay – I can see now that you can be scary to the big bad birdies. Thank you for protecting me…..but where did Minxie go?

“She’s having an identity crisis again Mama. You really need to talk to her.”

Uh huh….

Anyone know of a good Cat Psychiatrist????? 😉 

Oh well……..


Mean Mom!!!


You are a MEAN MOM!!! 

Lil Bit 

We cats are depressed – and it’s all YOUR FAULT!!! 


You took away our joy and happiness – our reason for getting up in the morning (other than our Tunafish, that is)…… 


YOU TOOK OUR TREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You Big Meannie!!!! 

Our beloved tree is gone 😦  Our pretty “soccer balls” have vanished.  😦  No more fun stuff for us to abscond with….. 


No more tree to hide under for surprise ambushes…..BIG MEANNIE!!! 

Lil Bit 

How dare you!! Why did you take our toys and super-secret-hidy-place away?!?! What have we ever done to you??? 

Felix and Lil Bit 

I mean – REALLY?!?! It’s OUR STUFF for crying out loud!!! 


YOU let those boxes in that ate our toys! YOU let that bag in that ate OUR tree!!! What were you thinking woman?!?! 


Will they EVER come back?!? Where did they go!?!?! I MUST go find them!!!Ooohhh….the nerve of you!!! It’s all your fault!!! Our beloved tree – it’s all gone!! Gone I tell you!!! despondency and sadness….  😦  Sad, sad day…..our lives will never be the same, and it’s all your fault – MEAN MOM!!! 

Fiona Midget 

Now you must pay for your actions you bad woman!!!! Shame on you!! And by the way, where did you say your yarn was stashed???? 

yarn for scarves 

I’m just saying………

Naked Trees and Thieves


Yet again, I had the distinct pleasure of waking up to a naked tree, and ornament thieves! While trying to stumble to the coffee pot I came upon the latest “soccer” game unfolding down my back hallway leading to my office. “Bang”, “bang”, “crash” were the lovely sounds emitting from what was once a hardwood floored hallway that had just been converted to a feline Pinball Game arena. The deep freezer, walls, tables and open folding Pantry doors having been transformed into bumpers, backboards and ball returns! 😦  As I scrambled to retrieve the flying red and gold (plastic) shiny and sparkly “balls” from their feverish game, without being taken out by one of them myself, I came around the corner and saw my tree….my once beautiful tree. Naked except for her lights, and a few desperately clinging poinsettia sprays (also fake – just so you know). She was still upright, which is a good thing because a 7 1/2 foot tall tree toppled across the doorway would not have been a good thing – especially since she was still plugged in!! But, there she was – pitiful, and missing all of her ribbons, ornaments, flowers and stars. Her lights hung on for dear life – but that was all. Everything else was in assorted piles and heaps on the floor around her, as if she had had the worlds worst “hotflash” and couldn’t shed her clothes quickly enough.

She was a pretty tree....

Now, it was bad enough that she had to deal with a visit from “the grinch” a few days ago (her top STILL won’t stand perfectly straight!), but to add insult to injury, she now was disrobed!! I gathered all the “balls” up that I could find – I know there are still a few missing that “THEY” have stashed for just such an emergency as mom taking their toys away – and placed everything I could find back on the tree where it went. She still doesn’t look quite right.  However, at least she looks like a Christmas Tree again – for the moment. 🙂 I say that because the thievery has ALREADY began once again!! As I sit here the gray ringleader has already batted 2 glittery “balls” down and is taking off for the hallway, dribbling the madly as he goes. My cries of “Stop It!! Not Yours…MINE!!” go unheeded, as if I were cheering them on instead, saying “Go Socks, Go!!”  😦  

Socks in Christmas Tree

Socks, Official Ornament Thief


So, it’s off to re-confiscate ornaments and get ready for work. Hope Y’all have a great day, and watch your ornaments….The Thieves are at large!!  


Progress and Happiness in the Mail!


Happiness came in the mail yesterday, and everyone got in on it! 🙂 The only “Cyber Monday” shopping I did resulted in a week of anticipation, drooling and “is it here yet?” on a daily basis. This was the one thing that I deemed a Christmas gift for me – everybody’s gotta have at least one of those at Christmastime!! 🙂 I decided mine this year was going to come from a friends store – it is some fabric he had designed that I loved, but had kept putting off getting since I was “supposed to be” working on stuff for everyone else, not for me……Well, it was time for me . 🙂 

Mark Lipinski's Krakow and Oakdale

Mark Lipinski's Oakdale and Krakow Line


And of course, I had to have a new coffee mug too!! 🙂  The mug actually says “Hello, Cupcake!!” on it, but you can’t read it all from the photo. LOL – now that I think about it, methinks that this is the LEAST amount of fabric I have ever bought at one time 🙂 LOL. So, I did keep it within reason. And when I said EVERYONE got in on the happiness, I do mean everyone. I got my fabric and mug, and the furry children got their favorite thing too… 

Mark's box 


A BOX!!!! Actually, for some reason, they always stand in line and fight over the boxes that come from Mark’s place, the boxes he sends me are the only ones that have that effect on them….maybe they smell Tulip, Petunia or Violet???? They won’t say, but that’s my guess. 😉 

I did actually get some work done however, and I thought I’d show you what the casserole carrier I designed looks like. I have never found one I actually liked (burnt fingers, strings to lose, too small, poor design in general, etc.) so one day I got frustrated and designed my own, that would work well no matter what size dish I needed to transport, and no dish could escape from. Not to mention, it would not be a problem to transport a dish that was just pulled from a 350 degree oven – without waiting for it to cool down first!! Now this one was my prototype that I made for myself several months ago – I can’t show you the ones I’ve made for gifts because the recipients read this blog 🙂 and I don’t want to spoil the surprise!! Take a look… 

The First Pink Bunny Casserole Carrier

Shady's Casserole Carrier


The First Pink Bunny Casserole Carrier

Shady's Casserole Carrier

So, for those of you who asked, this is what my Casserole Carrier looks like, and now you can see one of the items I’ve been working on . 😉 Shhhh… don’t tell, it’s a secret! 🙂 

Okay, well I guess that’s about it for the moment, coffee breaks over. Now it’s back to the sewing room, and Christmas Carols….FA LA LA LA LA, LA LA LA LA……… Y’all have a great day and I’ll talk to ya more later! 



The Grinch was here!!!


Look what I found when I went into my office/library this morning!! 



Yes, you are seeing this right….the tree looks like a candy cane – with all ornaments and bows still attached!! It is an artificial tree, with a metal pole center!! Nothing was broken, only bent. What does this mean? Only 2 possiblities…..see, there are only 2 possible culprits……1 weighs about 13 lbs….. 



And the other weighs approx. 17 lbs…….. 



And HE is the one who’s laughing!!!!! 


Lil' Bit

Yes, that is a FULL-SIZE china cabinet he’s laying in front of – just to give you a better idea of his size!!!  🙂  

Somehow, “everyone” seems to have gotten the misconception that the tree is their own “super-secret hidey place” that someone has graciously adorned with shiny “balls” and assorted toys and lights for THEIR play/naptime pleasure!!! HAH – NOT!! Although I have repeatedly tried to inform them that the tree is “MINE!!!” they somehow only hear the word “YOURS”…. *sighs* Go figure……No wonder HE was laughing at me in the picture above!!!! 


Oh well…. 

I stopped listening to the scrawny-red-headed-weatherboy, the forecast here seems to be changing every 5 min. (which is normal for south-central Missouri) and the best guess they can give us is basically “It will snow sometime during the next 4 days, with a chance of 1/2 to 6 inches of accumulation”….OK!!! That’s helpful. 


Busy day in the works for today: I have to get the cooking/baking done for the day, Church this morning, a quick stop by the store on the way home, possibly swing by MawMaw’s and Popa’s if they are home and the weather holds, and then the beginning of a 72 hour sewing marathon……YEAH!!!! I am Determined 🙂 to get everything done – wish me luck 🙂 


So, off I go – Hi Ho, Hi Ho…. Y’all have a great day, stay warm, throw some wood on the fire for me and I’ll talk to Y’all more later 🙂