Thoughts From The Disorganized Quilter…


Hooray!!! Scrawny red-headed weatherboy was wrong!!! No snow here – however, it’s 16 degrees right now, and that’s about the same temp. it’s been for the last 24 hours. TOO COLD!!! I want my 70 degree weather back! I am NOT a Polar Bear…..


The sweet Miss Pat (Sloan) (to see her blog go to ) convicted me last night when she declared this the “Holiday Finish It Up Weekend” and asked what we still had undone for Christmas. UUGGHH!!! I had to admit that I have WAAYYY too many projects to still finish up! Where does the time go?!?! I have 4 casserole carriers cut and ready to go – but not yet put together, 2 kids throw quilts now in the topquilting process (done by me, not sent out), some curtains to finish and 3 other throws (ahem) not as far along as I would like. Not to mention I haven’t even started my baking yet….I need elves too, so whoever is assigning them for helpers this year, I’m placing an order for at least 2 – make that 10….


Now I do actually have several projects done, but I swore that THIS year (make this same resolution EVERY year *sighs*) would be different and I would finish everything up LONG before Christmas…..yeah,  that’s not working. So, I have a 3 day “Quilting Marathon” scheduled for the beginning of next week. That means I’m gonna have to stay off the computer, unplug the phone, kick everyone out of the house, lock the doors and tie myself (figuratively speaking – sort of) to the sewing machine! Wish me luck…

I’m so easily distracted sometimes that I feel like the dog in the movie “UP”. You know, the one that will be talking to you and shout “squirrel!!” when he thinks he sees one out of the corner of his eye?!? For example, I went to look for something (still can’t remember what!!!!) in a chest of drawers that I keep for craft supplies. I ended up cleaning all five drawers out, rearranging everything and putting it all somewhere else, moved the chest into another room, reloaded it with other stuff and STILL can’t remember what I was originally looking for!!! But, my drawers are clean *grin*.

A friend called that “being inspired”….yeah, okay 🙂 that sure sounds better than borderline A.D.H.D…. LOL 🙂  Just think of all the quilts I could actually get DONE if would quit getting “inspired” all the time!! LOL

I’m still getting more goodie recipes added to the site, and plan to actually start uploading the Christmas Cookie recipes later today. They are all over my desk top right now, so if I don’t get them on there a certain paper-eating feline will be removing them from the desk for me…Stay tuned!!