Winter YUCK!!


Sorry that I’ve been M.I.A. lately y’all but there have been more than a few curveballs being thrown that have demanded my attention…Not the least of which has been preparations for this lovely (NOT!!!) winter storm. We are looking at impending lows of 35 degrees BELOW zero windchills – and it hasn’t really been all that much warmer today, or the past few days for that matter.  😦   Making sure all the pipes are well insulated (mine run thru a crawl space), reinforcing all of the household weatherization of windows/doors/etc., hardcore winterizing all of the animals accommodations, pantry stock-ups, freezer stock-ups, feed stock-ups, vehicle preparations, etc., etc., etc. has pretty much occupied most of my free time lately. Priorities ya know  🙂 

The dogs all have new blankets (think 4 inch thick, heavily batted old bedspreads here) for their beds – which was just about the coolest thing around as far as they were concerned. You see, I USED to have a 2 car garage – for about 1 day!! I lost possession of my garage upon the 4 “beasts” finding out that it had a door leading into a huge (almost 1 acre) fenced in yard which (once outfitted with a doggie door) would allow them to be in charge of their own outside access 24/7. This was a huge selling point to their human “Doggie-Mom”, who was not happy with constant door duty every 15 minutes all night long when “intruders” were detected around the perimeter of “their” property!! They then petitioned said “Doggie-Mom” for their own heaters, wall insulation and indoor carpeting of their new “doghouse”. This petition was granted with the stipulation that every late winter/early spring they would share their “Doghouse” with said “Doggie-Moms” garden seed-starting/indoor greenhouse area. Since major quantities of dirt were to be involved, they not-so-reluctantly agreed to the arrangement. How considerate of them….  😉 


Anyways, the one scarf that I started on last week is about halfway done. I’d be farther along except I couldn’t decide on a design I liked for a couple of days, which caused me to undo stitches and restart several times… I’ll post photos once it’s done – just in case I decide to switch patterns again.  🙂 

In the mean time  y’all stay inside, stay warm, stay safe and try to think warm happy thoughts. I’m gonna go make some Hot Chocolate and find my fuzzy socks……