Meet Miss Fluffy and friend…


Miss Fluffy is the new Pink Bunny Cafe mascot. She’s so “out there” that she’s cute. Kinda like a Shar Pei, or a Pug or …well, you get the idea.  🙂  And just look at her hat… 


It’s a SUNFLOWER!!! Ain’t it cute!!!!  😉  LOL 


Yes, she’s a BOBBLEHEAD Bunny!! Shhhhh….don’t tell her.  🙂   She did bring an “accessory” home with her as well. It was labeled as a remote-control carrier……I saw a beautiful Sewing Machine Mat instead for my small machine I use for piecing. 


Just look at the beautiful handwork on this piece – too pretty and intricate for a T.V. Remote carrier. Just Beautiful!! The stitches are immaculate and perfect. Needed to come live in my sewing studio instead…. 


So, that’s where it lives – it’s almost too pretty to use….ALMOST.  😉  

Now if you are wondering where I found these treasures, it was at a local thrift shop/outreach center that I make monthly donations to. Whenever I drop off items there I try to take a look around, if I have time, just in case some quilter/crafter decided to clean out their fabric stash/sewing room. 

 Unfortunately I live in a retirement/resort area where people pass away regularly, and family members take all of their items (minus car or house/condo) to the local thrift shop to dispose of them….better than leaving it all by the curb for the trash man (which is also far too common around here). So, I try to keep an eye out for these beloved belongings in order to give them a new home where they will be appreciated/used/loved. This is how I’ve ended up with probably 85% of my antique cookbooks, antique quilts, antique furniture and the like. The “remote control carrier” had never been used, or apparently even unfolded after it was finished! 

That’s okay, I appreciate it, love it and am using it!!! The Dearheart who made it would be happy knowing that.  🙂  And Miss Fluffy – well, I love her too!  🙂  How could you not – she’s so kitschy she’s cute!! 

Have a Happy Day!