48 Hours and 45 Degrees Difference

Exactly 48 hours ago it was 75 degrees here, and our world in South-Central MO looked like this…..

And this (above photos)….

Now, it has been hovering at freezing for 24 hours, and looks like this…..

And this….

That’s ALL ICE by the way……


All I can say is “YUCK”!!!!!!!!

Stay warm.



What Double Digits Below Zero Looks Like…

How about an informative photo post? Do you mind? I thought I’d show you what double-digit temps BELOW zero looks like – without any windchill – in Mid-Missouri… Now keep in mind, these were all taken as soon as the sun came up, or within a few hours thereafter (YES – we finally had SUN!!!) and there had been no wind all evening, so basically – the air froze.

Poor Peach Tree  😦

Poor Rose of Sharon….

My Frozen Rose Bush…







Enough frozen mess??? I think so…and this wasn’t even an ice storm! Trust me – you don’t even want to see what those look like around here!!

The good news is that in typical Missouri fashion, in less than 24 hours – we have a 50 degree temperature difference. Yup, at 3 AM my thermometer here was reading 29 degrees ABOVE zero!! So, in a few hours, once the sun comes up, we should start thawing in earnest. YAHOO!!!

So, enjoy the photos, stay inside if you can and think “warm, happy thoughts”!! I know that I would, if I could!!  😉 

**NOTE: I just came across a REALLY cool blog post by a lady who lives at NORTH POLE, ALASKA and she had posted some amazing picts of what 50 DEGREES BELOW ZERO looks like….go take a look!!!! 

Arctic Stamp Diva


What Happens When Men Measure….


Oh my! There ARE large evergreens under there – somewhere….

They are almost 6 foot tall……

The birdbath is almost 4 foot tall, and those yard lights sit 12 inches above ground! Hmmmm….4 inches of snow Weatherboy?!?! You need a new yardstick!!!

The dropoff to the lake doesn’t look much better…..  4 inches huh????

So, using the Weatherboys yardstick – I wonder exactly how long that makes these icicles hanging off of our friends front porch roof????


Especially since Troy had to duck to go into his house…..and he’s 6’6…..

I think Weatherboy needs to relearn his measurements….someone lied to him! BIGTIME!!!!     😉

Stay Warm!!