Happy Birthday – To Me!!

Well, I’ve decided to take the day off from the blog – hope you don’t mind.  😉 

Yes, you read the title right – today is my Birthday! However, I have to work at my “real – life”  job today, plus run errands for several others as well, so time is going to be at a bit of a premium today.

Therefore, I’m going to take the day off, but I will leave you with some of my favorite photos, to brighten your day! I’ll be so glad when these flowers come back to my garden in a couple of weeks – they make me smile!  🙂 

The Rose

Anyways, enjoy my posies and y’all have a great day!!


Flowers and Diva’s



Okay – we’ve all had enough winter, so here’s some photos of my flowers from last summer to make you “Think Spring”.  🙂

Now as far as the “Diva” part goes, you REALLY need to check out Dianes’ blog at Sewing Diva Diane she has an awesome tutorial posted on how to make a custome sewing machine cover, and the site has lots of other great info on it as well. Give her a visit!

Now, since we a getting another blast of this snowstorm, and the weather outside is frightful – here’s more happy flowers.  🙂 







Hope y’all have a great day – and stay safe and warm!!