Twas the night before Christmas….

Twas the night before Christmas and all thru the land,

the wrapping paper was strewn about,

bows, ribbon and tissue paper in hand.

Earlier than normal, children were hustled off to bed,

while visions of new toys and puppies danced in their heads.

A dolly for Susie, a Big-boy Bike for Jack.

A sweater for mommy, that she hoped to not have to take back.

Screwdrivers, hammers, pliers and such.

Curses, assembly directions, bandaids and blood.

All is endured just to show the little ones your love.

“Some assembly required” is SUCH an evil phrase,

causing mumbling, hair pulling and eyes to become glazed.

While the hours tick oh so swiftly away,

the little ones peek out their windows to hopefully spy a large sleigh.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,

everyone was sure something was the matter.

They raced to the windows only to see,

2 crazed neighbors arguing by a tree.

A confrontation had now ensued,

regarding exactly whose parking space was whose.

When up in the sky there suddenly appeared,

snowflakes the size of quarters, for the first time this year!

A hush quickly fell upon the cozy little street,

while all gazed in wonder at the now snowy scene.

Smiles appeared on faces, one and all,

as those big, fluffy snowflakes continued to fall.

Suddenly the reality of Christmas was here,

and Peace took over while hearts filled with cheer.

Neighbors shook hands and went on their merry way,

children finally laid down their heads to pray.

Mommy and daddy quietly finished their chores,

 before heading off to bed for some Christmas Eve snores.

Tomorrow is Christmas, and now all was well.

In the morning peals of laughter every house would fill.

Joy would take over, toys would be found,

family would be cherished, and new memories abound.

For this one day there would be Peace in the land,

Christ would be remembered, and Love would be on hand.

So, to you and yours I send these greetings your way,

Merry Christmas to all, and may you have a truly Blessed Christmas Day!!

Merry Christmas too all, and to all a Good Night!!



Time For Coffee!!!


  My son tells me all the time that I should #1 own stock in Starbucks, and #2 that I need to invent a sippy-lid for the top of the coffee pot, because my coffee cups just keep getting bigger and bigger….. Maybe he’s right 🙂


I found this megacup yesterday at our churchs’ bookstore. Miss Sarah had just unpacked the “trial shipment” of 2 of these and didn’t even have them on the shelf yet *grins* so, of course, I told her I “had to have” one and begged her to PLEEEAAASSSEEE put one back for me until they went on the shelf. She is such a sweetheart that once she saw they were already in the computer, she went ahead and sold me this baby now. YIPPEE!!!!! They will be getting more in (esp. since everyone who saw them wanted one) so if you would like one to go to and ask about them, in case they aren’t on the website just yet – and tell them Shady sent you!! 🙂 However, be forewarned – this baby holds approx a 1/2 pot (of a 12 cup pot) of coffee at a time!!!! Fez (one of my “adopted” teenagers) said it would make a great soupbowl too. Probably, but mine is just for coffee, and maybe Hot Chocolate. Hehehehehe.  



Anyways….today is the start of my 72 hour Quilting Marathon, so I need all the caffeine I can get….wish me luck –  on the quilts, not the caffeine! 🙂 LOL  


It actually snowed last night!!! No accumulation, but it looked very pretty for a few minutes, big fluffy flakes and all. We’ll see if we get anything else today – weatherboy’s not sure yet. Today’s the perfect day for it to snow if it’s going to though; I’ll be in the sewing studio, roast will be in the crockpot, Christmas music playing, and cinnamon apple candles burning all over the house! 🙂 My kinda day 🙂 Oh yeah, did I mention I’ll actually have the house to myself to do all of this?!?! Yaayyy!!! I love my family – but today is not the day to be entertaining them. 🙂 I have work to do 🙂 If I get enough accomplished today, I may even see about making some Christmas Cookies later on tonight. That’ll be their “reward” for letting me get this stuff done. 🙂 We’ll see…….

Well, it’s off to the studio I go, coffee in hand… Here’s wishin’ Y’all a warm, safe, happy and productive day! I’ll talk to Y’all more later:)