Spring Dreaming

Okay, I (like most everyone else) have had enough of Winter/Cold/Sub-Zero/Ick!! I want some Sun/Flowers/open windows and favorable temperatures!

So, in honor of my Spring Fever, I’m going to post some of my photos taken during my favorite times of year to give us all a bit of a boost.    😉   

Ahhhh……. That’s better!     😉   

Have a great day!



Happy Birthday – To Me!!

Well, I’ve decided to take the day off from the blog – hope you don’t mind.  😉 

Yes, you read the title right – today is my Birthday! However, I have to work at my “real – life”  job today, plus run errands for several others as well, so time is going to be at a bit of a premium today.

Therefore, I’m going to take the day off, but I will leave you with some of my favorite photos, to brighten your day! I’ll be so glad when these flowers come back to my garden in a couple of weeks – they make me smile!  🙂 

The Rose

Anyways, enjoy my posies and y’all have a great day!!


Happy Valentines Day Everybody!!

Here’s wishing you all a sweet, relaxing and memorable Valentines Day!!

I wanted to give you some pretty flowers to look at today – so here are some of my pretties from last summer. A “virtual” rose or two just for you!  😉 

Happy Valentines Day!!