Why? Why Not?

The Rose 

Another blog I follow had a very interesting question posed to the owner a few days ago, which got me to thinking and evaluating. Dangerous, I know – and could be scary for my readers as well – LOL. Be afraid! Be VERY Afraid!! 

The question she was asked was “Why do you Blog?”.  A very good question, and one that does not always produce the expected answers. You see, I was planning on posting a new recipe for you today. Nothing very exciting going on in my life right now, and an old recipe is always a good cover for a boring life story.  But, this question regarding blogging has been rolling around in my mind enough that the recipe thing has kinda taken a back-burner. 

I started thinking about my own reasons for blogging, and came to a few realizations. I told myself that I started this blog mainly to get my recipes to friends and family members who kept asking me for them, and I found this to be the easiest way for them to retrieve them…..or so I thought, at the time.  I even thought that starting this blog would help out my other friends, who were moving to other states at the time, with their questions regarding learning to quilt/sew/craft and they had asked for my input and instruction on certain items. I even thought it would be a much easier way for my extended family to keep up on my day-to-day going-ons in my life, without constant emails and phone calls (esp. since none of us are ever home at the same times)! 

The reality though is that I think I just needed a broader forum to connect with others than I have in my normal everyday life. My own version of “therapy”, if you will. The thought that there were others out there who were interested in the  overflowing “useless information” and knowledge that spews forth from my brain on a regular basis, was an exciting thought to me. Now, I know that it’s really not “useless”, I’ve just always called it that because it’s info that is not necessary to others survival or day-to-day operations.  However, it is information that some search for or are interested in. So, if all of my “useless information” can help one person out, or answer a question that they have – then I have done my part.  😉  And that makes me smile!! 

Add to all of this the fact that (gasp! shock! awe!!) I am a writer, (albeit not an active one at this time, however, since the main publication that I used to write for is now defunct thanks to it being sold to an unscrupulous publisher) and the need to write publically becomes much more self-explanatory. In fact, I do not advertise that I am a writer, and almost no one who knows me is even aware of this little tidbit. The publications I’ve worked for are not on their general reading lists, and several of my pieces that they actually have seen, they have never connected the dots that I was the author (not everyone reads the byline). There – I admitted it – and now YOU know my “little secret”!!! Therefore, I think that is my main motivation for writing this blog.   

Call it self-serving, call it self-promotion, call it whatever you want. I don’t care. When there is something in your life, actually – something that is an ingrained part of your being – then you have this overwhelming urge need drive to allow it to manifest on occasion, and put itself out there for the world to see. Some may call it your “talent”, some may call it your “gift”, but for those who have “it”, it is merely a part of themselves – just as much so as their hair or body. “It” is a part of them, and “it” will manifest itself one way or another, so it is best if YOU choose how you wish “it” to manifest in your life. Otherwise, you could have a lot of explaining to do to those who observe your weird actions when “it” peeks out (think of the Mom who spends days decorating cupcakes for her child’s class party, that  look like mini works of art in their intricacy, because she “used” to be a professional cake decorator/sculptor/artist until she “gave it all up” to stay at home). And you KNOW how you feel about THOSE people/Moms…… 

So, I think that is the main reason that I have a blog. I can’t speak for anyone else, and I wouldn’t want to. Do I care if anyones else reads it? Not really. Do I care what others think about what I write about/do/post here? Not really. Do I feel better writing to my “imaginary friends”? Yes, thank you, I do. And isn’t THAT really all that matters???  🙂   

Have a great day! 

Do what you love!! 

Shady  😉